Can You Step Back from Divorce?


The idea that your marriage is falling apart is something most couples don’t want to face, but while divorce is a topic that can be brought up, there’s plenty of ways to deescalate the scenario and keep your family together. It will require commitment and plenty of hard work, but It’ll always be worth it in the end.

First, look at the healthy and happy couples around you. Try to take a page from their playbooks and see what they are doing that works and what advice they have. The reason they are so happy isn’t because they don’t have problems, but because they have ways to handle them. Ask those couples what they did in your situation and try to take some inspiration for your own marriage.

Second, remember why you fell in love in the first place with your spouse. Was it their sense of humor, imagination, their looks? Then try to present opportunities for your spouse to display those attributes. Act like you are rediscovering them for the first time, and put your spouse’s needs above your own.

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Most divorces happen because the couples don’t feel like they are being listened too, so make an effort to listen, and understand. Any good tampa divorce lawyer will tell you that!

Finally, surprise your spouse. Go on a romantic trip, grab some of the flowers they like, and don’t let your relationship fall into a rut. Routine is the enemy of romance, and if you can keep your partner on their toes, then the fresh sparks and intimacy will still be there.

If you can understand the pits in your relationship and then do your best to change them, then your spouse will notice. Take the time to go that extra mile, and then the marriage will repair itself.