Don’t Face DUI Charges Alone: Hire an Attorney


From 2003 – 2012, more than 3,400 Tennessee drivers lost their lives due to an alcohol related car accident. Even more people were injured as the result of a crash related to alcohol. More women than men died in these crashes, although more men are charged with DUI. Driving under the influence is very dangerous and puts the lives of so many people at risk. If you’re a man or woman facing DUI charges, make certain you have a lawyer to represent the case.

DUI is a very serious offense, whether it is your first time being charged or the 10th time. Obviously, the punishments increase with each subsequent arrest. In Tennessee, anyone who is convicted of DUI must serve mandatory time in jail, but this is only one of the potential consequences. A conviction may also cause you to be placed on probation, pay fines, attend classes, and more. Your good name is also on the line when this charge is placed upon you.

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When a lawyer is there to handle the case, he’ll make sure that the facts are uncovered and that you have the time to tell your side of the story, something that so many people feel doesn’t happen if they go to court without a lawyer there. There are a number of defense strategies that the lawyer can use to get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

In situations where the case cannot be dismissed or reduced, the attorney works hard to ensure the minimal consequences possible.  Lawyers also provide peace of mind at a time when it’s needed the most. How would you even start to defend yourself in court without legal services maryville tn? Don’t even think about this question and make sure you are properly defended in court.