Understand DUI Laws in Mississippi


Mississippi has ‘zero tolerance’ laws in place for anyone who is found to be driving under the influence. Under this policy, a first-time DUI conviction results in a driver’s license suspension of 90 days, a $250 fine, and completion of on alcohol safety course, at your own expense. Additionally, a DUI conviction remains on your criminal background where it may cause you difficulty in various areas of life.

A person is considered driving under the influence if they test a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher on a state-administered test. Law enforcement may also conduct other field sobriety tests when he suspects that a person is driving while intoxicated.  Anyone who fails to complex with an officer’s instructions to take the test is in violation of the law and automatically charged with the crime of DUI. If you fail the test, your driver’s license is automatically suspended for this 90-day period.

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Keep in mind these consequences of a DUI conviction apply only to first-time offenders. If you are charged with subsequent DUI or have been charged with DUI in the past, the timeframes for suspensions as well as the fines increase. It’s important to hire a lawyer to minimize the consequences.

If you’re charged with DUI, it’s essential that a DUI lawyer is there to help you with the case. A DUI lawyer knows the laws and can plan a strategy that ensures that your voice is heard. Their goal is to get the charges reduced or dismissed, but when this isn’t possible, they’ll help reduce the consequences of a conviction. Just as important, a lawyer gives you confidence in the case when you go to court so some of the stress is gone. Get in touch with a great law firm starkville ms if you are charged with DUI.